Stay Polished
Freshen your cut with a few skillful strokes of a curling iron. Mist the ends of your hair with a thermal protecting spray (which adds shine and flexibility), then wrap them around the barrel of a medium or large curling iron. Your style will immediately look more polished.

Do the Flip
Create a new hairstyle with a flatiron. Run it down four-inch-wide sections of your hair. When you reach the ends, flick your wrist upward so that the bottoms flip up and out, giving you a lifted look. (This trick is great for heavy, bulky hair.)

Defeat Frizz
Buy a boar-bristle brush. Unlike plastic, boar bristles evenly distribute your hair's natural oils from root to tip, and they help the outer layer of the hair lie flat, making it shiny.

Make an Easy Change
Switch your part! Moving it from the center to the side (or vice versa) can give you a refreshing change.

Go Wavy
To get loose waves, separate your hair into two sections (as if you were going to make two pigtails), wrap each section around a chopstick, and push the point of the chopstick through your hair so that it's secure. Then mist your hair with water (unless it's still slightly damp after a shower), set the style with a blow-dryer, and wait about five minutes before taking out the chopsticks.

Cut Bangs
Bangs don't work for everyone, but they're a great way to get a new look without going shorter. Ask for a few tapered, side-swept bangs, cut at an angle and not too thick, so that they'll grow out easily. (Don't consider side bangs if you have a cowlick at the hairline or very curly hair.)

Apply Face Makeup
Help your foundation go on smoother, look more satiny, and last longer with a primer. Apply a pea-size drop to cleansed skin. (We love Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer, $30.) Let it set for a minute, then put on your makeup.

Get Dewy Skin
If you regularly use face powder, stop! Your skin will look fresher and dewier, because powder absorbs light, making your complexion look flat.

Swap Concealer for Foundation
When you don't feel like bothering with foundation, wear concealer only—around the eyes and the nose, and to cover redness on the chin or between the brows. Try a cream concealer applied with a synthetic bristle brush. Apply right on the spot where you need it most and then blend outward.

Brighten with a Bronzer
Brighten your complexion with the reverse bronzer trick: By brushing bronzing powder from the perimeter of your face inward, the powder will subtly frame your face, putting a spotlight on your features. Be sure to apply the powder with a fluffy, medium-size brush with tapered bristles.

For more radiant, dewy-looking skin, use a cream instead of powder blush. Cream blush melts into the complexion; powder blush has a tendency to sit on top of the skin and look flat.


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