Don't you love the looks of some older women who've chosen to age naturally? Helen Mirren, Vanessa Redgrave, Eileen Atkins. These are the women I want to emulate—aesthetically, at least—as I get older. Do you have a beauty role model?
Like Mother, Like…
My beauty role model is my mother, a very stylish southern lady. She's 85 years young and her beautiful face is lined with wrinkles (or trophies of life as I call them). She takes care of herself by walking almost everyday, eating right, and enjoying life. I hope that I will be as beautiful as she is when I'm 85.
Jann Kennedy Beasley, 59
Franklin, TN

Sparkling Eyes
Jane Fonda is my beauty role model. I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of years ago, and she is just lovely. Yes, she has some wrinkles, but also some beautiful smile lines, and the prettiest blue eyes that shine with vitality, spark, and humor. I heard that she once said she'd never go under the knife but age gracefully instead. That's how I want to live, too.
Lisa Scott-Ponce, 49
Cupertino, CA

Time Passes Her By
Dame Judi Dench. I loved her look on As Time Goes By, partly because time seems to have passed her by! Most of all, I love her short haircut and finally got it after years of envy. I thought you had to be really thin to carry it off. Dame Judi showed me otherwise.
Sharon Lynn Farley, 66
Colton's Point, MD

Aging Gracefully
Helen Mirren and Sophia Loren are absolutely beautiful. They radiate beauty and not only in a physical sense. It is in their sheer presence and fine air of confidence.
Margaret King, 55
Morrison, CO

Sexy Confidence
Diane Keaton is a woman of real beauty. She is proud and confident in her whole being. She dresses well, but for her age. She has a fun look that expresses her true self. I think that she is a wonderful role model for all women.
Sherrie Delwo, 38
Alberta, Canada


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