Test #1: Step by Step
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What it measures: Concept organization, or the ability to break down complicated ideas and make them more easily understood.
Jobs that require this skill: Engineers, computer programmers, editors.

Test #2: Three of a Kind
1. Basketball, globe, grapefruit (spheres)
2. Conch, lobster, eggs (shells)
3. Saxophonist, speakers, trumpet (loud sounds)

What it measures: Inductive reasoning, which means you can quickly see a common element among seemingly unrelated ideas.
Jobs that require this skill: Research scientists, police detectives, lawyers.

Test #3: Paper Folding
1. I
2. H
3. D

What it measures: Structural visualization, or how well you can picture three-dimensional objects in your mind.
Jobs that require this skill: Engineers, architects, physicians.

TEST #4: Number Series
1. 18 (+3)
2. 16 (+1+2+3+4+5)
3. 7 (+3-4)
4. 68 (1st+2nd= 3rd)
5. 61 (-1x3-5x7-9)

What it measures: Numerical reasoning, or the ability to decipher numerical patterns and concepts.
Jobs that require this skill: Economists, financial analysts, accountants.

TEST #5: What Comes to Mind?
If you wrote a dozen things each time, you see lots of possibilities. You can envision long-term goals and see beyond immediate obstacles to complete educational or career goals.

If you wrote just a few things, you are more literal and immediate in your thinking. You would prefer living in the present, perhaps getting what you want right now. To set goals, breaking them down into short-term, more attainable steps will be to your advantage.

What it measures: Foresight, or the ability to imagine lots of possibilities—and anticipate potential problems.
Jobs that require this skill: Politicians, entrepreneurs, physicians, activists.

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