About seven years ago, I went to a party in New York City expecting the usual: high-profile people, gorgeous models, and the rest of the glitterati that goes along with that kind of New York nightlife. Someone pointed out a supermodel, but it was the person sitting next to her who got my attention: a woman who struck me as unusual.

She had an aristocratic, reserved air without being at all haughty. She seemed elegant from the inside out. I can assess people pretty well, and I found her irresistible. Little did I know then—or did I?—that, several years down the line, I would be marrying this extraordinary being. First I had to figure out how to ask her on a date.

Actually, first I had to ask someone what her name was—Melania, a beautiful name—because I wasn't sure how to approach her myself. Considering my reputation for being anything but shy, my reaction might sound hard to believe, but it was a real Aha! moment for me: I realized that even after you've done a lot of living, you can still be amazed by what can turn up in life—that it's still possible to discover things you hadn't thought existed. I think I knew right away that this was the real deal. And that came as a big surprise.

Despite my sudden shyness, I managed to give Melania every single one of my phone numbers. She seemed suspicious, which made me realize she was not only an incredible-looking woman but an intelligent one as well. She questioned me about each phone number: Business or personal? Limousine or bodyguard? I could tell she knew her stuff. I could also surmise that she knew who I was, and I remember deciding, Well, depending on her sources, that could work either for me or against me. However, Melania likes to think for herself—another wonderful attribute—so she gave me a chance. Who knows? Maybe she learned something about the capacity for astonishment herself.


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