Afghan refugees

Afghan refugees at the Shamshatoo camp, near Peshawar, Pakistan.
Jacob Kogan

Jacob Kogan, cub reporter, with Peshawar locals and flower-power rickshaw
Students at the Ariana School

Students at the Ariana School welcome the Kogans with a shower of glitter and flower petals. "Education," says the woman who runs the school, "is the sole means of keeping children from becoming terrorists."
Soccer practice

Soccer practice on the lawn of the UNICEF field office in Peshawar.
spinning wool

At the Center for Street Children and Women, mothers learn to spin wool for sale while their children attend the center's school.

Parlez-vous Lego? In the Gul household at the Katcha Garhi camp, a toy builds bridges. And tasty, too!

The Shamshatoo camp, with its swings, seesaws, and merry-go-rounds, is one of the few bright spots in Peshawar.
A Pakistani guard

A Pakistani guard at the camp keeps the peace. When families first arrive, they stay in tents until adobe homes can be built for them.