A handful of smart fitness tools to keep you in shape this holiday season.
SPRI Braided Tubing Strengthcord (left) ($27; SPRI.com )
Resistance bands are genius because they're lightweight, compact, and versatile—you can use them to hit any muscle group. These new braided tubes come in five resistance levels and are made of higher quality rubber than many bands (they won't split or crack). For exercises, go to AceFitness.org/exerciselibrary .

Omron Gosmart Pocket Pedometer (middle) ($35; OmronWebstore.com )
Studies show that pedometers will inspire you to walk more—by about 2,000 steps a day, according to Stanford researchers—but clipping one of these devices to your hip isn't exactly fashion forward. Thanks to new technology, this pedometer can accurately measure your steps from the confines of a pocket.

Reebok Adjustable Dumbbells (top right)
($76; Amazon.com )
Sometimes it takes a while before an affordable price tag lands on a game-changing design. That's finally happened with the adjustable dumbbell set, which used to be found in only the ritziest of gyms. This offering from Reebok can be had for under $100 and won't clutter up your living space.

Balance Pods (bottom right)
($43 for six; SPRI.com )

These strength-training tools are similar to the balance half-balls at the gym, but a smart, spiky design adds extra traction. They're great for building core strength: Jump from pod to pod for stability, incorporate them in yoga to make poses more challenging, or add them to exercises like the plank position. Here are four moves to try .

The Omron Gosmart Pocket Pedometer HJ-720IT pictured is $60


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