Q: What do you do when you don't believe somebody's being straight with you?

I first give them a chance to get straight. "Really?" I'll say. "That's not what I read, heard, or what my producers told me." Then if they continue to blather, I just say, "I don't believe you."

Q: What do you do when a guest freezes on you?

I usually tell a story about myself that relates to what they're trying to say. 

Q: Which show do you find people want to talk to you about the most?

Recently people have wanted to talk about bras and bowel movements. After our bra show, everywhere I went women were showing me their new bras, lifting up their shirts. After Dr. Mehmet Oz was on showing body parts and talking about how bowel movements should look like an S, strangers were thanking me for talking about the S. 

Q: Are there people you refuse to have on as guests?

I don't do any guests who represent the dark side: Satanism, the KKK, etc. I realize everything is about energy. Dark energy—whether it's called Satan or not—creates more of its kind when given a forum. 

Q: Do you ever feel your audience turning on a guest? What do you do?

It's happened several times over the years. When Cheryl Richardson first appeared and talked about how women should put themselves first on their priority list, most women in the audience were outraged. They didn't believe she could even suggest they be that selfish. "What about our children who need us?!" they shouted. It was visceral. Some actually booed. That I won't allow. I said to the audience that Cheryl was suggesting you fill your own well so you will have more to give to your children. It's the oxygen mask theory: Put yours on first so you're alive to save your child. That calmed people down a bit.


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