O at Home List: Photo printer

Photo Finish

Get lab quality on four-by-six-inch photos in less than 60 seconds with this nifty printer. Connect it to your PC or digital camera, or use it on its own (just insert the camera's memory card). Best of all, the built-in screen lets you view the photos you want to send to Grandma and Grandpa.
  • $189
  • Dell; 866-780-8232; dell.com
O at Home List: Flashlights

After Dark

These flashy flashlights come in delightfully silly colors and user-friendly shapes.
  • $63 each
  • Unica Home; 888-898-6422; unicahome.com
O at Home List: Kitchen timer

Right on Time

What could be simpler than making a three-minute egg? Making a three-minute egg with this cheerful kitchen timer.
  • $15
  • RISD Works; 401-277-4949; risdworks.com
O at Home List: Kitchen choppers

Chop Chop

Who knew that quick and easy could be this cute? Alessi's charming choppers are also great for avoiding garlic fingers. And you won't have to clean the food processor.
  • $49 each
  • Kar'ikter; 212-274-1966; karikter.com
O at Home List: LocationFree TV

Watch It

The LocationFree TV lets you roam the house and still retain your status as a couch potato. Connect the base station to a TV cable and broadband Internet feed, and the little LCD tablet will display your favorite shows and Web sites as you tote it from kitchen to den.
  • $1,100 for 7" model, $1,500 for 12" model
  • Sony; 877-865-7669; sonystyle.com
O at Home List: Sensor door lock

Come Right In

Forget fumbling for your keys—fingerprint-recognition technology has made them a thing of the past. Just press your finger against the sensor on this door lock, and in you go.
  • $395
  • Mata BioTech; 877-782-4336; matabiotech.com
O at Home List: Ojo Personal Video Phone

Phone Home

Thanks to the Ojo Personal Video Phone, love now means never being able to go without makeup! But that's a small price to pay for seeing and being seen by those you adore.
  • $799
  • Motorola; 866-289-6686; motorola.com/ojo
O at Home List: Egg-shaped bird feeder

For the Birds

This ultra-contemporary egg-shaped feeder will give your sparrows something to chirp about.
  • $125
  • J Schatz; 866-344-5267; eggbirdfeeders.com