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Photo of Ms. Winfrey by Matthew Rolston; photo of Art Smith photo by James Merrell; photo of Nate Berkus by Fernando Bengoechea; photo of Plum Party plates and platters by Gregor Halenda; photo of chair by Brian Velenchenko; photo of Suze Orman by Marc Royce.

Photo of Art Smith and the Raffs by James Merrell; photos of food by James Merrell; photo of Oprah's hostess basket by Bob Hiemstra; photo of Art Smith courtesy of Harpo Productions; photo for Food Journal by Getty Images

Photos of the chairs by Brian Velenchenko.

Photo of Nate Berkus by Fernando Bengoechea; before and after photos of Nate Berkus' New York makeover by Fernando Bengoechea; photos for Sample Sale by Nat Rea; photos for the Gilda's Club makeover by Michael Grimm; photo for Coming Soon promo by Bob Hiemstra

Photos for this section by Getty Images

The Home List
All Home List items photographed by Gregor Halenda and styled by Stephanie Basralian


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