Before and after furniture is rearranged

Step One: Rearrange
"I like to get in there and mix things up," Boyd says. Even if you're certain you've already found the best possible setup, reconfigure your furniture and live with it for a day or so to see how the new look changes the room's flow and personality.
Before and after living room is reorganized

Step Two: Reorganize
"The more clean and organized you are, the bigger your room feels," Boyd says. He cleared out a lot of the visual clutter in Elizabeth's home to create spaces that look more serene and elegant.
Before and after kitchen is painted

Step Three: Repaint
"A dramatic new color can make a room feel bigger," Boyd says. If you're short on time, then choose one wall as an accent and just paint that—it will completely change the room's vibe.
Before and after dining table is repainted

Step Four: Repurpose
A coat of paint on the dining table turned a mismatched arrangement into a set. Try using a bench as a coffee table, or a chair as a place to display art books, Boyd says. It's a great way to get a fresh look without having to invest in a whole new piece.
Before and after living room curtains

Step Five: Retail There's no need to wait months for custom pieces. Boyd hung off-the-rack curtains in Elizabeth's living room and re-covered her desk chair with scraps of fabric from a remainder bin. See how Lance Boyd transformed an apartment in one hour, one day, or one weekend .

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