Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles
This step, often overlooked, must be taken to guarantee that the identity thief has not applied for a new driver's license in your name. These bogus licenses take two forms: a replacement license that pairs your license number with the thief's picture, or a new license with a new number. Ask that a freeze be placed on your license until you can get a bona fide replacement (to simplify this process, bring along your Social Security card and other identifiers). And if your state is one of the 19 that still allow your Social Security number to double as your license number, ask to have another number substituted.

A little preparation now will make all of these steps much easier to take later on, should it come to that. Therefore, make photocopies today of all your credit cards and identifying documents. Include your driver's license, Social Security card, birth certificate and even a business card. Keep these facsimiles in a safe spot in your home, workplace or a safe-deposit box. And don't forget to follow the prime directive of foiling identity thieves: Never, ever carry your Social Security card in your wallet!

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