Don't Rewrite Your Résumé

A résumé and cover letter are two separate documents—please keep them that way. While it is okay to put the most relevant points of your résumé, don't rehash it.

Christine says you have to have hope that they will actually read your résumé. "Emphasize your availability for interviews, flexibility on relocation, if appropriate, and indicate if you plan to call to follow up," she says.

Forget the Hype

"Many people write what I call the 'leaps tall buildings in a single bound' letter," Christine says. "That's when you tell the company all the wonderful things you will do when they hire you."
Enthusiasm is great, but let's not overdo it. You need to allow the reader to draw his or her own conclusions about you based on your track record.

Also, don't throw all your wonderful personality traits into a long list. Look for ways to present them indirectly...again show, don't tell.


Christine says that while you could have the perfect background and everything an employer is looking for, you might not get an acknowledgment from every application you fill out.

"People get frustrated and can't figure out how to get past that," she says.

Just remember to keep thinking positively. You can do this. You will get back on your feet again.


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