Cover letters are another great self-marketing tool. When there are vast numbers of people applying for a single job, a good cover letter can take you from lowly applicant to potential candidate.

"The résumé certainly shows your qualification and track record, but the cover letter gives you a chance to speak to the company a little more," Christine says. "Most people miss an opportunity with the cover letter."

Do I Even Need One?

Yes...the answer is yes! You need a cover letter to tell a company who you are and why you're interested in working there. It's important to keep them short and concise, but don't skimp on your research.

"Find out what's going on with [the company] and connect your qualifications to that." Christine says. "If you show that you've done a little extra digging, you'll definitely stand out from the crowd."

Tell a Personal Story

Since a cover letter showcases your writing skills and personality, make it a reflection of you. Christine says to keep it balanced between the formal and informal because while you don't want to sound stuffy or old-fashioned, you certainly don't want to come across as eccentric and weird. At the same time, figure out how to intertwine a personal story or two to illustrate your qualifications. Show, don't tell. 

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