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The Aspiring Etsy Impresario
There are two kinds of people in most of our lives: those who have always secretly wanted to become yoga teachers, and those who have always secretly wanted to make and sell their own jewelry/beauty products/cute crafts. Let's make this clear: You're happy for your friend/family member, of course you are. You wish her all the best. But it may just be that glittery shoulder-brushing feather earrings at $40 a pop are not your deal, and because you're not her mother, you don't have to feel obligated to buy them and then wear them whenever you see her. (Unless you are her mother. In that case, you probably actually do.) That's not to say you don't want to support her in some way. Here's a line to memorize for use in such situations: "I am so glad you are making these! I'm going to spread the word to everyone I know." Then you can post a link to her site on your Facebook page're done.