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The Marked-Down (but Not Down Enough) Impulse Buy
Perhaps you, you gentle lost soul, have come to that crossroads in the snowy woods of shopping, and you have chosen the steeply-marked-down impulse buy that was still actually pretty expensive. To save you from spending even more money on therapy, here are the 5 Stages of Recovering from the Marked-Down (but Not Down Enough) Impulse Buy:

Denial: It wasn’t an impulse buy—I’ve always wanted a hot pink patent leather purse, and that was actually a really good price.

Anger: Why did I think $250 was actually a really good price? They tricked me by telling me it was marked down 75 percent! Who pays that much for a purse?

Bargaining: Oh, I deserve it. It’s a fun purse. And think of all I saved. And I won’t get takeout for the rest of the month. Or year. Or ever. And I quit smoking 20 years ago, so think of all the money I’ve saved since then!

Depression: I hate this purse. I hate impulse buys. I hate stores. I hate capitalism.

Acceptance: It’s not returnable.