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8. How Will 5 Years as Head of Household Activities Fit on Your Résumé?
Here's something that happens in my household with slightly maddening frequency: My husband comes home from a day at the office, and the kids, who have been literally pulling out my hair, are so happy to see him they put on the Adorable and Perfect Show. And he comes out from tucking them in, sighs dreamily and says, "I wish I could be home with them." Right. Because it's always like that. If it's like that at your house, before you quit to be home with your kids, think five to 10 years down the road: How easy will your re-entry into the workplace be with that gap on your résumé? Do you work in a technology-driven field that will be completely transformed by the time your kids are in kindergarten? Would an occasional day working from home help you to not miss those little rug rats quite so much?
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