The Strong Life Test
There are so many voices in your life demanding your attention, so many "have-tos" and "shoulds," that it can be hard to hear the sound of your own voice. To help you cut through the clamor and find your strongest life, we designed the Strong Life Test.

Think of it as an internal compass. It measures you on nine life roles—adviser, caretaker, creator, equalizer, influencer, motivator, pioneer, teacher and weaver. More than likely, your life calls on you to play all nine roles some of the time, but, even so, you are not a blank slate—your personality doesn't shift and morph according to the demands of every unique situation. Instead, as we all do, you have some consistent patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, patterns that are distinctive and that remain stable across time and situations. These patterns come together in a lead role, a role you return to time and again, a role that you and your closest family and friends recognize as the core of who you are. Your lead role will help you to know where to look, in any domain of your life (as a spouse, relative, mother or employee), for the kind of moments that will strengthen you the most, invigorate you the most, bring you joy, excitement and fun. The Strong Life Test doesn't give you all the answers, but it tells you where to start. 

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