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Return That Unworn Hot Pink Shirt: $13
Although many retailers have tightened their return policies lately—blame it on the growing problem of return fraud—others are still quite lax. Nordstrom is well known for not imposing a time limit on bringing unworn clothes back for a refund; if you don't have the receipt for that $13 T-shirt you still haven't worn, you can show the credit card you used for the purchase and get your money back. Macy's allows refunds for up to six months, and since the store affixes a customer return label to many items, you may not even need the receipt. Zappos has a one-year policy (you just have to send the unworn item back in the original packaging). L.L.Bean and Patagonia are two other companies that make it easy: If you're unhappy with the sheepskin moccasins or fleece jacket you bought last winter, just mail or bring them back.