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Make Some Room in Your China Cabinet: $120
Whether you registered for fine china when you got married and never use it, or your great aunt left you a mismatched set of silver that you really don't care for, Replacements Ltd. may be interested in buying your unwanted goods. The company has an inventory of 13 million pieces of china, silver and crystal in more than 360,000 patterns. Replacements' buying policy is based on supply and demand, so you'll get more for items in a discontinued pattern that collectors want than you would for an active pattern that isn't hot right now. For instance, in the '90s, Christofle's "Berry" stainless flatware was one of the most popular items on bridal registries. Since Christofle stopped making it in 2005, demand has skyrocketed. If you have just one teaspoon from that set, which once had a suggested retail price of $18, Replacements will pay you about $120 for it.