Take Control

Faced with a scary situation, it's natural to let fear take over. You may start to predict the future—"I lost my job; now I'm going to lose my home"—and it becomes your reality. Don't let it, says Alissa Lukara, founder of, a group that supports people facing adversity.

"Rather than acting from a place of fear, bring yourself back to the present moment. All of the things that you've been projecting out about what might happen aren't happening yet, and it's important to remember that," she says.

Instead of assuming a lost job means you'll fall behind on your mortgage, brainstorm ways to replace that income until you find a new position, whether that means selling things on eBay, tightening your budget or doing odd jobs around your neighborhood.
Learn to Be Flexible
The reality is the recession has thrown us all for a loop, and life is not going to go exactly as you'd planned—at least for the near future.

"It's okay to grieve for a moment ... but recognize that since what you planned isn't playing out, something else amazing might," Alissa says.

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