When Paula was a teller, she made $5 an hour. "I got paid twice a month, and my check was $379.18," she says.

Eventually, she left the bank to start the catering business that catapulted her into culinary superstardom. "When I started the business 21 years ago, I just wanted my children and I to be able to pay our bills and buy groceries," she says.

Still, Paula says she never dreamed big when she started cooking for a living. "While I was raising my boys, I taught them that they could be or do anything they wanted to be," she says. "While I was selling this to them, I don't know that I was buying it myself. Because I didn't know I could dream big. I didn't know that. I know it now."

Now, Paula has some simple advice for anyone with a dream. "Go for it," she says. "There's no sin in failing, but the sin is in never trying."


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