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Shop With Your Mind Full
Research has shown that the more relaxed (physically and mentally) shoppers feel, the more willing they are to spend on products (for instance, a digital camera). When we feel chilled out, our brains don't perceive threats. This lets us think more abstractly, which is inspiring ("I'll use it to record memories!"), but it also leads us to overestimate a product's value and overspend. When shoppers were in a pleasant-but-not-so-serene state (the somewhat preoccupied mode we're in after work or when ticking items off a to-do list), they had a realistic sense of what things were worth. The difference: They'd spend 15 percent less on a given item.

Bonus: If you can shop on a weekday morning before work, chances are you'll have the store to yourself. And your time-constrained self won't buy more than intended.