For Grandparents: Build a Lasting Legacy

According to a recent poll by MetLife, grandparents bestowed $370 billion on their grandchildren from 2003 through 2008. Here are strategies to help you make the most of your generosity:

1. Set Up a Roth IRA For a Working Grandchild
If your grandchild has earned income, you can fund a Roth IRA for her. Say you add $2,000 to her Roth IRA each year from the age of 15 to 25 (a total of $20,000). Assuming that money grows at an annualized 6 percent until she turns 70, your $20,000 in gifts could be worth nearly $385,000.

2. Help Them Save for a Car or Home
Ask your grandchild what she hopes to save up for, and offer to become her cosaver. Think of this like a 401(k) match: For every dollar she saves, you'll match 25 cents or a dollar.

3. Give Experiences, Not Things
Studies show that happiness comes more from pleasurable experiences than from objects. Give gifts you can enjoy together—tickets to a ball game, a jaunt to the city to hit a museum or the theater, or a getaway at your home to spend the weekend together. Time, after all, is the most precious gift you can ever give to those you love.

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