Start cleaning up your financial life!

You know you need to reach for the mop if:
  • You don't pay off your credit card balance every month.
  • Your credit card balance exceeds your monthly paycheck.
  • You pay your bills late, incurring costly fees.
  • You spend $10 a day on coffee, snacks, and cabs, yet you don't invest in a retirement fund.
  • You eat at expensive restaurants that are so out of your price range that you lose your appetite.
  • You have clothes that have never been worn and still have their tags.
  • Your closets are jammed with impulse purchases—grills, dehumidifiers, toys for the kids—that have never been used.
  • You buy things you can't afford.
If you recognize yourself in this list, start doing something! Suze lends her expert advice.


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