I'll bet most of you can tell me the paint you used in the dining room and the particulars of every light fixture in your home. There's not a decorating nuance too small to capture your attention. But when it comes to home finances, you probably aren't so detail-oriented. In fact, my experience is that too many people rely on others (whether a partner or a paid adviser) to make decisions about their finances.

I am here to tell you that ignorance is definitely not bliss when it comes to home finances. Your home is typically your biggest investment. So how can you honestly say that you don't need to know smart home-finance moves? And pardon me for being blunt, but those of you in relationships need to pay attention, too. Divorce isn't exactly rare—and even in the most enduring partnership, the reality is that one of you will outlive the other.

The home finance basics everyone should know


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