6. Start the journey now. You can't be a novelist overnight, but two pages a day will give you a book in a year. If you feel like you're in a predicament, remember that it took a while to get into it; it may take you a while to get out of it. But start now. Commit to taking at least one action each week to move your life, gradually, one person, one bridge at a time toward the life you want. Keep a progress log. When you hit an obstacle, pull out your log and refer to it. Hang on to the small wins you've had. They are fuel for your fire.

Often, the biggest challenge is simply in admitting that you need to make a change. Fear of the unknown is natural, but you may be surprised to see how just stating your intention and then taking action can begin to open things up before you. Remember, what you focus on expands; results follow focus. Focus on what "working" will look like—not on the what-ifs. Take things slowly, build momentum and see what happens. Keep your awareness high. Taking smaller intentional steps instead of big, drastic ones will help you overcome your fear—and as you see more results, you will build even more courage to move forward.

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