If you love to talk in front of an audience, you fall into a minuscule percentage of the population—people like Lisa Witter, who, as a child, deliberately got lost in the local grocery store so the manager would let her say her name over the loudspeaker. Witter turned that extrovert disposition into a career as chief operating officer of Fenton Communications, which provides communication strategies for clients such as and Women for Women International. Here's her advice on how to make an impact:

1. What people want most from a speech is authenticity; you can't project that if you're reading from notes or a teleprompter (which is something politicians don't always seem to get). Have a stump speech perfected, memorized, and ready at a moment's notice.

2. Practice out loud and get feedback from family or friends.

3. Don't thank people at the beginning of a speech. It's boring.

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