Don't: Underestimate the Importance of Details

It goes without saying, but there should never be typos in your résumé. It's a reflection of your work ethic.

When Meg sees grammatical errors and typographical misspelled words in résumés, she always wonders, "This is your best product? [A typo], to me, is a really big turnoff. This should be a shining example of yourself."

It's not spell-check's responsibility to catch your mistakes. Print out a hard copy and ask a friend (or five) to read it over. And since it's tough to find your own errors, try reading the résumé backward. "You can look at it all day," Meg says, "but you know what you want it to say, and you read what you want it to say."

The bottom line is this: Don't rush. Remember that story about the Soon-to-Be-Mortified Applicant? Enough said.


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