Meet real people who have read The Difference and are implementing the lessons in their daily lives.

Marianne is starting her own business while struggling with the loss of her best friend and an uncertain financial future.
The inspiration she found in The Difference

Dorothy learns that it's never too late to start saving, investing and paying down debts.
How she's moving forward without looking back

By rethinking her goals, Cathleen is starting to turn her finances around one step at a time.
What happened with Cathleen stopped making excuses

After years of making finanacial mistakes, Elizabeth is now $20,000 in debt—but she has a plan to get back on her feet.
How everything is coming together

Jan and her husband were saving for retirement and financially on the right track—until the market meltdown changed everything.
What she learned about resilience

Reading The Difference helped Maureen realize how her attitude affects her financial decisions.
Maureen shares some of her favorite quotes from the book

When Shirley lost her husband, she not only lost her beloved partner—but all her income as well.
How she learned to survive on her own

Victoria was having the best year of her life. She had her dream job and was about to celebrate her 50th birthday—when she suddenly lost it all.
How she turned her job loss into a blessing

Like many moms, Jackie is trying to figure out how to save for retirement while still supporting her three teenagers. 
What she learned about balance  

Making small changes with the long-term goal of finding financial security is a valuable lesson Denise says she learned from The Difference
Denise shares her plan for the future   

After reading The Difference, Diane says she began making changes in her business and discovered that life is all about choices. 
How Diane is making her own luck now 


As one of the early readers of The Difference, Marlyn explains how the book is already making an impact during a trying time in her life. 
What Marlyn has learned from The Difference 


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