Be His Biggest Cheerleader
Make the effort to understand why your husband gets such a kick out of his career, say, teaching middle-school Social Studies or, if he doesn't work outside the house, why he enjoys staying home with the kids. What does it do for his psyche? How does it feel to him to be the teacher all the kids want to have or the dad who gets to see the smiles coming off the school bus? Tell him how much you admire what he's doing. Tell him how you feel about the fact that he can be home after school to help your kids with their homework and how it's helping them pull better grades.

Here's the key: You have to believe, deep down, that what your partner is bringing to the relationship is just as valuable as what you are bringing to the relationship. Otherwise, you are destined to fail.

Do it, say this, and sound smart: "I am so grateful for the great job you're doing for our family. You're a great role model for the kids."

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Reprinted from Make Money, Not Excuses by Jean Chatzky with permission from Crown Business, a division of Random House, Inc. Copyright © 2006 by Jean Chatzky.
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