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4 Quick Ways to Annoy Your Boss
1. Don't write things down.
"Your boss will have to repeat herself—it's a waste of her time," says Anita Bruzzese, author of 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy.

2. Speak incorrectly.
"Learn the vocabulary of your industry," Bruzzese says. "If you don't know exactly what a word means or how to pronounce it, don't use it at work until you do." In general you need to use a word three times in conversation before you can trot it out in a professional situation.

3. Be an egomaniacal assistant.
"Everyone knows your goal in life is not to be an assistant. But right now it's your job," says Bruzzese. Stop thinking about your next promotion, vacation, or raise, and ask what your boss needs and what the company wants from entry-level employees; you might get to the next step sooner.

4. Squander time at training seminars or trade shows.
"The company paid a lot of money for you to go," says Bruzzese. They don't want you at the mall "workshop." Bring back contacts, new skills, or new clients.