Part 1: Why You Shop: Entertainment
Almost every mall operator in this country has recognized they can't be a landlord; they have to be a place-maker. There has to be something besides shopping that either gets people there or keeps people there longer. The result: For many people, shopping is all about a social experience. You meet your friend at the mall because you want to be with her. You buy something together because that's something else you can share.

How to Resist: Delay, delay, delay. When you're shopping for entertainment, you tend to buy because you feel guilty about not buying. How can you spend nothing when your friend is already toting three shopping bags? How can you spend nothing when the salesperson has given you 45 minutes of your time?

To take the edge off, put the items you're considering on hold. If you're still desperate to have them tomorrow, you can always return to the store and buy them. Putting a little distance between yourself and the purchase will help you evaluate it more rationally. And besides, if the item is really for you, it will be there when you come back.

A Debt Diet Journal Exercise
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