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At Your Local Gym
There's a new way to motivate yourself to hit the gym, and it's almost as powerful as your friend announcing that she ran into Ryan Gosling there. Some health insurance companies will pay you to work out. UnitedHealthcare, for example, reimburses members $20 for every month they visit a fitness center or YMCA at least 12 times. (Planet Fitness, one of UnitedHealthcare's participating gyms, offers memberships for $10 per month.) Similarly, Anthem will reimburse up to $200 in fitness expenses each year, provided that users exercise at least three times a week for 44 weeks out of the year. Aetna members should check with their employers, since they determine whether a reimbursement is offered. Even if it isn't, they can still snag up to 50 percent off gym memberships when they sign up using Cigna offers a discount of up to 40 percent through its website,