No Pay Per View

If you're looking to share your creative vision with the world, go to to post your art, writing, and design work—you'll gain free feedback, build contacts, and make online sales.

If you'd rather contemplate than create, museums in every major American city host free days (visit their sites for info) or merely suggest a contribution—meaning you can pay what you like to enter.

Other art havens are always free, like Washington's Smithsonian galleries or the Getty in Los Angeles.

Zero Breaks Allowed

Give your office a superhero makeover with the Virtually Indestructible Keyboard and Virtually Indestructible Mouse (

Treat your canine sidekick to the Ol Reliabowl pet feeding dish, a chew-resistant dog bed from, and tough toys from Then treat yourself to shatterproof wineglasses and a pen that lasts seven years.

As for that wallet you'll no longer be straining? Visit to pick up a model made of unrippable sailcloth.

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