Teachable Moments

Take Home Depot's free clinics on everything from installing a ceiling fan to planting a vegetable garden ( or Williams-Sonoma's free cooking classes (register at your local store).

Here's a capital idea: Any student who resides in the District of Columbia is eligible for college tuition grants from the U.S. government ( The rest of us can access free online video classes from Yale and MIT.

Ready to hit the books? Many university libraries hold sales near the end of each term. And any ivory-tickler near South Orange, New Jersey, should make sure to hit the annual piano sale in March at Seton Hall University (973-275-2966 for info).

Headache-Free Zone

If you hate ATM fees, let help you find machines that won't leave you feeling nickeled-and-dimed.

Can't stand your electronic clutter? Send your old cell phones and other gadgets and they'll send you a check.

Bummed out by your birthday? Look on the bright side: You can get $5 off shoes from retailer DSW and free ice cream from Baskin-Robbins and Cold Stone Creamery.


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