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Thrifty Tourism

Traveling between Boston, New York, Baltimore, Philly, and D.C.? Bolt Bus fares start at $1.

While you're back east, check out Tony winner La Cage aux Folles: at two hours, 40 minutes and starting at $37 per ticket (a mere 23 cents a minute!), it's Broadway's best value.

Consider a weekend in tiny Deal, New Jersey: Mayor Harry Franco says, "We've got the lowest beach fees on the Jersey shore—and that's a big deal."

Free Fun

Too commitment-phobic for Netflix? Sony's lets viewers screen nearly 300 full-length movies, from The Age of Innocence to Zombieland, on their home computers.

Websites like Hype Machine and Elbows corral the best of the music blogosphere and let you check out songs for free. (Try Eric Clapton's bluesy cover of "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" or Lyle Lovett's jaunty piano ditty "No Big Deal.")

Most deals in literature involve selling your soul to the devil (Doctor Faustus, Dorian Gray, Rosemary's Baby...), but if it's free shipping on used books you're looking for, rest easy—many sellers on will happily oblige, no eternal damnation required.


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