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Building Mr. Blandings' Dream House
In case you've forgotten the 1948 Cary Grant/Myrna Loy classic Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, I'll remind you that this film involves a family man who, seeking to escape his cramped NYC apartment, buys a lovely, old "fixer-upper" in Connecticut. This house turns out to be structurally unsound, needing to be torn down entirely. The antics that follow are funny if you're watching the film, not in the least bit enjoyable when they are happening to you. If you know that you honestly enjoy endless renovations and DIY projects, and you've allotted additional sums to fix up the beautiful wreck you've fallen in love with, that's one thing—oh, and P.S., the real-estate site Zillow has a nice rundown of things to look for before you make your offer. Otherwise, follow this advice delivered by Melvyn Douglas in the film: "The next time you're going to do anything or say anything or buy anything, think it over very carefully. When you're sure you're right, forget the whole thing."