Budget Planners

Save-$5,000-in-a-Year Tracker PDF
Track what's coming in—and what's going out. Jean's Money Tracker can help monitor your spending and see where you can save next month.

Shopping Log PDF
Record every purchase you make outside of your normal budget for two weeks and see what kind of shopper you truly are.

Party Planning Worksheet PDF
Envision the celebration of your dreams, then get real. Figure out how much you need to make your perfect party come to life with some simple math.

Allowance Worksheet PDF
An allowance in itself is the most important tool you can use to teach your kids how to be smart with their money. Sit down with your child and fill out this worksheet to come up with an amount that suits you both.

Health Insurance Worksheets

Deductibles, co-pays and lifetime maximums, oh my! Shopping for a healthcare plan can make your head spin with terms. Use these charts with side-by-side plan comparisons to keep everything straight.


Retirement Calculator
Use this tool to see if you are saving and investing enough to support yourself during retirement.

College Savings Calculator  
How much should you plan on saving for college? Use this calculator to find out.

Mortgage Calculator
Get a mortgage you can afford. Use this tool to find out how much mortgage you can handle.

Allowance Calculator
The best way to determine how much money you'll give your child for allowance is to decide what you expect that money to cover. Use this easy tool to help you complete your list.

Allowance Comparison Calculator
Just for fun, put yourself in your child's place. Do you remember how much allowance you received growing up? Compare what you made back then to what you would make now.

Life Insurance Calculator 
How much life insurance do you really need? Use this calculator to make sure your loved ones will be provided for.

Quizzes and Self-Assessments

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