To get you started on your path to living your strongest life, Marcus Buckingham has written an eight-step Strong Life Plan to help you build both your career and personal life.
Step 1: Finding a Career
You have a unique combination of talents and skills—but are you fully aware of what they are? Discover the strengths that will lead you to your ideal career.
The key steps to finding a career  

Step 2: Switching Careers
You've been working hard as a lawyer, as a flight attendant, as an office manager, but now you realize—and perhaps you realized it long ago—that the job is depleting you.
How to dive into a new field

Step 3: Decision-Making
The fear of making the wrong choice can be completely debilitating. We often get stuck living with the status quo because it is safe.
It's time to face your fears

Step 4: Problem-Solving
What is the most effective way to solve a problem? If you think the answer is "Find out what is wrong and fix it," you're only amplifying the problem.
The 5 steps to solving any problem

Step 5: Building Resilience
If you've suffered a setback recently, you may still be reeling, feeling helpless and hopeless. But a crisis can also bring you face-to-face with what really matters.
Find your true strength after a crisis

Step 6: Loving Connections
Choose relationships that leave you feeling stronger and foster those relationships by "supporting the being" of your partner.
6 steps to building a connection that will strengthen your life

Step 7: Resolving Conflict
Having a system or process for dealing with conflict or disagreements will enable you to spare your relationship from undue stress born from misunderstandings, assumptions and misinformation.
8 ways to resolve an argument

Step 8: Resolving Conflict
When it comes to raising your kids, you may be faced with some of the most challenging moments of your life.
Give your children a solid platform on which to build a strong, fulfilling life


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