4. Tap your network. Seek out experts in the field and interview them. Know that their experience will feel different from yours because of their unique strengths. The information is still valuable.

5. Look for opportunities to intern in the role that interests you. Get exposure any way you can. Volunteer, shadow, practice on friends. Get creative about how to do this role before you actually do it.

6. Educate yourself. If it's a truly strengthening direction, you'll be naturally drawn to learning as much as you can about it. You'll have energy for learning, training, practicing. Acquiring specialized skills increases your irreplaceability. This is a good thing.

7. Own the job before you have it. Visualize yourself in the role. Say out loud what you want to be doing. Tell people that this is the job that you want. Tell them what you're willing to do to have it. 

8. Keep moving. You have to take steps toward your goals. Every single step that you take toward the goal will give you feedback on your direction. Movement is imperative. As you go along, check in with yourself. Be clear on the strengthening feelings that you are striving for and let those be your guide rather than some super-specific imagined future. This is not about perfection. You may never have the perfect job, but you can strive for those perfectly strengthening feelings. Learn from everything. Stay awake. Trust your instincts. Fight for your life.

You have a totally unique combination of talents and skills. You were born different from everyone else. You are the best teacher about what makes you different. You must take it upon yourself to get specific about what makes you different so that you can take control of your life and make your greatest contribution possible.


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