Name: Britt

Age: 44

Family Status: Married with four children

Occupation: Senior contracts coordinator

Strengths: Teamwork, developing personal relationships

Weaknesses: Working through technical/analytical issues

Biggest lesson from workshop: Accept the situation I'm in and work to the best of my ability toward utilizing my strengths more

Update since workshop: Same position, just a new attitude. I realized when speaking with my "teacher" that my biggest problem is that I just don't want to work anymore. It probably doesn't matter what kind of job I have, I'm just tired. However, I'm unable to at the present time since kids are approaching the college years and money will be tight. I've adjusted my attitude, accepted my situation, and it's put me at ease and also made me more aware of my strengths, and I embrace those times I'm able to work with my talents.

Goal: To get through the next 10 years of work with a better attitude


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