Name: Ellie

Age: 31

Family Status: Single, no children

Occupation: Social services

1. I feel strong when I accomplish something I worked hard at that seemed impossible
2. I feel strong when I motivate others with my excitement or enthusiasm
3. I feel strong when I successfully teach people that are invested in learning after dedicating my time and energy to them

1. I feel weak when I do not give my all to an activity
2. I feel weak when I don't follow through with commitments to people that are close to me (friends, family and co-workers)
3. I feel weak when I consistently whine to my friends and family about my money situation

Biggest lesson from workshop: That the path I thought I should be pursuing (and actually started taking classes toward) wasn't going to make me happy, and when I refocused on my passion, it will be easy to use my strengths and in turn my weakness would become irrelevant. I have completely changed the directive of my future career path.

Update since workshop: I have applied for a few jobs moving toward the new career direction (forensic psychology). Interviews are so much easier now that I have my strengths clearly defined. I have also explored long-term career plans with people in the field. In the meantime, while I am looking for a new career, my current boss has embraced Marcus's ideas and has us monthly reviewing our strengths as a team. We are also looking at ways to change our job responsibilities to capitalize on our strengths. I have also been helping friends, family and co-workers identify their strengths in order to help them feel the excitement and energy I have regarding my future professional career.

Goal: My goal is to obtain a job within the field of forensic psychology. I will need to obtain my doctorate in order to fully achieve this goal, or I have explored the idea of joining the FBI (a long-term dream of mine).


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