Name: Joanna

Age: 34

Family Status: Married 11 years, no children

Occupation: Manager of employment programs for a nonprofit that assists adults and children with disabilities

Strengths: Managing people and projects, problem-solving, being creative, helping others, marketing, team building and producing results

Weaknesses: Taking on too many responsibilities and not knowing how to say no

Biggest lesson from workshop: I now have a clearer understanding of the gifts I was given and how to flourish through using them. I now embrace my strengths and will always make sure that my career allows me to utilize my strengths to the fullest! If I am in a position that plays to my weaknesses more than my strengths, then I will never be great at the job. Also, that weaknesses will never become strengths but can be improved if you try to learn about your weaknesses through one of your strengths.

Update since workshop: I went back to my position and took a long, fresh look at my career goals and path. The training reconfirmed that I am meant to continue to work for a mission-driven organization, as one of my strengths is my commitment to making a difference in others' lives. One thing I have done is spend more time and energy on the aspects of my job that I love and change my approach to the responsibilities that I loathe. I am much happier and have learned that is it acceptable to delegate and be creative in my approach to being an excellent employee. I manage five programs, and I really feel that my employees have benefited a ton from my experience with Marcus Buckingham! I have spent time with each of them, and we assessed their strengths and weaknesses. I have developed new roles within their positions so that they can be more fulfilled and productive in their jobs.


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