Name: Yvonne

Age: 42

Family Status: Married with three children

Occupation: Supply chain manager

1. Developing new business relationships
2. Creating cost analysis for decision-making
3. Negotiating purchase agreements with suppliers

1. Expediting or playing the role of a firefighter
2. Conflict resolution with co-workers
3. Work that focuses on areas I have little knowledge of (quality issues as an example)

Biggest lesson from workshop: I am the only authority of my strengths and weaknesses; I have a unique combination of strengths, and I need to learn to volunteer the best of what I have to offer every day

Update since workshop: Wow, where to begin? A week after attending the workshop, I had my first "strengths" conversation with my manager. This was the first of many "strengths" conversations I would have. Our performance evaluations took place early November, and I was able to build a personal development plan with my manager, which focuses primarily on developing my strengths—not my weaknesses. I did the memo process again (after the workshop) and realized that my work environment—my office for 11 years—really weakened me. What used to be a luxury had become very dreary, and I didn't look forward to spending nine to 10 hours per day in that environment any longer. Though I worked on work that I felt "strengthened" by, I was weakened by the environment. I worked with my managers to come up with a plan for a new space, which has natural light, windows and is open, not closed in. I've also learned that I can play to my strengths on most days—this really is in my control.

Goal: I will be a significant contributor and help lead the implementation for building strength-based organization where I have been employed for the past 11 years

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