Name: Stacey

Age: 33

Family Status: Married with one child

Occupation: Physician

Strengths: Good communicator/teacher, compassionate

Weaknesses: Disorganized, complain too much, don't take enough time for myself

Biggest lesson from workshop: I've learned that focusing on your strengths is more productive than focusing on your weakness. While many of things that make me feel drained at work are things I cannot avoid, I have learned to view them from a different perspective.

Update since workshop: I have had the opportunity to speak with my strengths coach on a few occasions, and I do think I am enjoying my work more. Certainly the things about my job that make me feel weak and drained are sometimes unavoidable, and I have made attempts to view these aspects of my position with a different perspective.

Goal: My ultimate goal is to be a physician who maintains my passion and joy for what I do and to take care of my patients in the best way I know how to without allowing the things that I dislike about my job to interfere with my ability to provide excellent patient care. I also want to devote more time to nurturing my family and personal life so I can be more refreshed and recharged when I am at work.


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