Name: Erin

Age: 31

Family Status: Married with two children

Occupation: Insurance agent

Strengths: People skills and selling skills

Weaknesses: Delegating responsibilities, balancing home and work responsibilities

Biggest lesson from workshop: If I don't start delegating responsibilities at work, the stress will ruin mine and my family's lives

Update since workshop: My work load has lightened so much and my stress levels are down significantly because I have retrained my assistant to do the work she should have been doing all along, the way I want it to be done. I can focus on selling, and she is doing all the legwork to save me time I can spend with my family. My girls are a lot happier also because they have their mom back.

Goal: To slowly continue to add more responsibilities to my assistant's workload, hire more agents into my office to help grow my agency so all of the load is not on me and to leave work at noon on Fridays this summer so I can actually swim in our pool this summer
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