Life in your 20s is about learning to stand on your own. It's full of many firsts—living on your own, a full-time job and the financial responsibility of caring for yourself without Mom and Dad.

It's is an exciting time—a new chapter. However, the blessing of youth is partnered with inexperience, which is glaringly apparent in an entry-level salary. The real struggle is figuring out how to live within the confines of that salary and establishing smart money management habits. This is especially true if you've never had any financial guidance or education. The truth is that there isn't a magic fairy that deposits money in your bank account if you fail to resist temptation at the shoe salon and overdraw your account.

The good news is that you're young, you're at the bottom of the heap and things can only get better! Until they do, you can manage your money wisely, have a good time and build a healthy savings account!

A Good Dose of Reality

You'll need to manage your financial expectations. Most likely, you won't be starting this chapter at the same comfort level as your parents. Remember, you're just starting out, it took them 20 to 25 years to establish themselves at their current financial level.

Set your financial goals


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