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Not Worth It:
1,000-Thread-Count Sheets

Don't spring for anything over 400, says Pat Slaven, a textile expert at Consumer Reports: "It's almost impossible to weave sheeting more than 400 threads per square inch, so manufacturers weave six or even ten super-slim fibers as one in order to market a higher thread count. At that level, you're not getting the softness or the crispness you'd expect."

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Probably Not Worth It:
Floor Seats at Concerts

They can cost up to $165 more than the nosebleeds, but you could be paying a premium for nothing. "Some shows—think Cirque du Soleil or Lady Gaga—are best viewed from farther away, so you can get the full effect," says Hallie Yavitch, senior director of events for Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.


May Be Worth It:
Hulu Plus

At $8 per month, it may be a better bet than paying per view on a site like iTunes if you plan to watch at least three movies, five episodes of a current TV show or past seasons of a show. (Check Hulu's catalog before joining to ensure they have the titles you want.)

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Kinda Worth It:
First-Class Seats

But only if you're flying internationally, says Sara Keagle, a flight attendant for a major U.S. airline. "On domestic trips, we don't have enough time to make the kind of accommodations that count," says Keagle. "International flights, however, are a whole different ball game. Service and seats are bumped up—you get lie-flat seats, which can make or break how you feel when you land."

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Worth It:
Amazon Prime

With free two-day shipping, this service ($8.25 per month) is definitely worth it if you want your stuff fast and make two or more individual purchases a month, saving you at least $90 a year.