Keep 'Em Guessing with New Checks
If your current checks display your first name, order new ones showing only your initials. That's the advice of Mari J. Frank, a California attorney who became an identity-theft protection lawyer after being victimized herself. "That way, the fraudster won't know how you sign your name," notes Mari.

How to Protect Yourself
To further guard your privacy, keep phone numbers off your checks. If you must list one, make it your work number, not your home phone. Another good move: Get a Post Office Box number and use it (rather than a street address) as your mail-delivery point. Of course, never display on any check your Social Security or driver's license number. To prevent new checks from being stolen from your incoming mail, specify that the delivery be sent not to your home but to your bank (for later pickup there).

Finally, seek out check styles that offer security features, such as a special substrate that stains during check washing attempts.
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