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Forgetting the Other 50 Percent
Nicole Chavez, stylist to celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rachel Bilson and Katherine Heigl, says the key to spending less money on clothes is to spend more time on wardrobe upkeep. How much? As many hours as you devote to shopping. So, whether you are at your go-to store every weekend or only buy things twice a year, cut your buying hours in half. Use your newly acquired nonshopping time to tend to the clothes you already have. Hem the pair of pants that you've been avoiding dealing with. Take the shoes that need new heel lifts to the cobbler. The repairs will cost you something, but it'll likely be less than what you'd spend during a day at the mall. Plus, when you're done, your leaner, cleaner, impeccably tailored wardrobe will feel fresh and new.